We do our very best to be clean, respectful, on time, and always professional.  We are known for giving the most bang for the buck and are comfortable at building to any level and staying within your budget. We love working with all kinds of different clients.  We do have specialties and we will match you with the designer that best fits your situation. Consultations, calls, questions and inquires are always free of charge.  So is our in-house design team.  We also offer senior discounts, home show specials and our yearly Christmas extravaganza deals with financing available.  Check back in for our posted specials that will save you money and help you give the gifts that will really mean something.

Please click on the blue  underlined print to see just some of the services that we can help you with.


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Since we are a family business as well as a full service contractor, we have many specialties thanks to our artistic nature.  Paints, textures, tile, design and finish work really separate us from the competition.  When given the opportunity, we will save you money and give you a better product.

We are studied green builders with the latest education, knowledge, products, and technologies available to you.  Our ICF (Insulated Concrete Form ) houses and garages are the envy of every neighborhood. Personal service is always talked about, but to us, it is what we live by.  Let us prove it to you.  Bring us your house plans and we will beat your best contractual price or send you to Las Vegas on us.  That’s how sure we are that you will love what we do.


(541) 294-0487

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