“I have had five homes built over the last 25 years and U S Homebuilders made it by far the easiest.  They are great!”

J. Barry

“Great to work with! When they tell you what they will do, that is exactly what happens.  Honesty and integrity would be how I would describe them.”

J McVey

“They actually took my custom plan and came back to show me how to add 480 square feet to the house, make a few other changes and it didn’t cost me a cent more.  I was so happy with their work that I sent them to see my parents to do a wonderful kitchen remodel for their anniversary.  They are the best.”

P Seasons

“They show up on time and are courteous, clean, and professional.  No loud music or any behavior problems like I have been around before.  They did more than they would have had to on a very tough remodel.  They will work for me anytime that I have any kind of construction to do.”

P Macmillan

U S Homebuilders was a godsend.  My husband is deployed and there were just so many things wrong around the house.  Three of them came in and four hours later, the house was put back together better than it had been for a long time.  They were really nice and I am so much better for meeting them.  I started volunteering my time right after that.  My payment to them for all of their work was just try to help another person in need when I could.

S Smith

I would like to thank Anthony and the crew at U S Homebuilders for making our remodel so painless.  It really helped having their design team come in first and take care of details.  It made the job so organized that it was almost painless.  I have had some bad experiences with contractors so I have always been gun shy.  I NOW HAVE A COMPANY I CAN TRUST.  They really are particular about their work.  I am not much for recommending companies but they have my respect and I would recommend them to anyone.

P Anderson

North Bend Contractor

U S HOMEBUILDERS (541)294-0487

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