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The term “signature home” means we guide you through the entire process of the design and construction process of your home. We want to make the steps simple and fun. Building and designing your dream home should be exciting! This is for the people like you that want to have an active voice in the design and construction of your home. This guarantees that what you want is going to be achieved. Achieving this will give you long-term satisfaction  when your home is finished.
The first step is assessing how you live and your budget. This is a FREE consultation to meet and express your vision. You will complete a worksheet that will help us understand how you live and the rooms and things about your house that are most important to you. We will discuss your budget so it makes financial sense to you. Finding the perfect site. This is vitally important  because if you are not happy with your site, the rest of the home doesn’t matter. Your home is designed for the site and it will be located  to make the most of views, natural light and the landscape.
Next comes the plan that will lead to your dream home.  This is where all wants, wishes and information come together to give birth to your baby, your dream, and watch your vision get ready to come to life. Permits that lead to Construction are submitted to the city or county for approval. These need to be in the form of architecturally approved and engineered floor plans. Once the plans are approved and the permits received the construction begins!
Interior design and colors are the next step. The construction has began and timelines given for the fun part. You will be choosing fixtures, colors and textures. The final step is the moving in to a home you designed and made a reflection of YOU!


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