Mckenzie Bridge


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The beautiful McKenzie River Valley is a 68 mile long corridor stretching between Sisters on the east and Springfield on the west. Renowned for fishing, the McKenzie River supports spring Chinook salmon, winter steelhead and summer steelhead as well as native rainbow, cutthroat and bull trout. The high lakes have been planted with brown and brook trout, making the McKenzie River Valley a sportsman’s paradise.Summer is a great time to visit the lovely McKenzie River, when weather and recreational opportunities are at their peak. Located in the lush green forests east of Eugene, the McKenzie is one of the most beautiful waterways in the United States and is renowned for outdoor recreation, including hiking, biking, fishing and white-water boating. This scenic waterway is special for another reason: The river is fed by a huge network of cold-water springs located under lava flows in the high Cascade Range, which means that the McKenzie maintains a constant flow year-round, even in drought years.