Interview with U S Homebuilders

Interview with Laurie Moore, co-owner of US Homebuilders, LLC.
A few days ago I posted how the west coast is leading the charge in the housing recovery. To highlight how that has affected us here locally, I gave a local housing builder a call to see what changes they have seen in their business. I was pleasantly suprised to hear how well they are doing, optimistic predictions for the future and I also learned about the trend toward “green” construction. US Homebuilders are truly a local business, concentrated on the South Coast of Oregon, Roseburg and Southern Oregon at the moment but have plans of expanding east and north.

us-homebuildersHow long have you been building homes?

“Anthony and myself have been in the housing industry approximately 32 years each. Our son Andre’ is working with us now

How has this year differed from you projections?

“This year has exceeded all expectations. We are doing ICF and stick built on 4 different locations at the moment.”

You mentioned ICF, what is that and how does that differ from traditional framing?
“ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) differs from traditional framing in many ways. For those not familiar with what ICF is lets first explore that. ICF is made of Polystyrene with a gap in between and braces where the studs would be, 6 inches apart, which is filled with concrete and that makes the walls. Ceilings are now also available like this. Comparing – the foundations and windows are comparable but the ICF goes up faster and is less labor intensive. The R Value is higher, about R-50 verses best-case scenario R-23 so the energy efficiency is greater and savings down the road are a great deal more. In reality stick built homes lose R Value with studs being 16 inches apart and the wood losing heat or cool also. The ICF can with stand 200 mile per hour winds and in most cases insurance is lower because the burn factor is less. We recommend hydronic floors that can be powered by solar or geo that helps keep temperatures even. We do very GREEN stick built homes also and have recommendations to make them as energy efficient as possible.”

What do you feel is behind the change?
“The people we are building for the answer are about the same for all of them. They mentally feel our economy is going to be ok and are loosening up with there money. Loans have eased a little and rates are good. The foreclosures are towards the end of the flooded market and the housing industry is showing a promising turn. For example, we had 3 different people last year that were ready to build and could not get a construction loan and I believe there is relief there also. U S Homebuilders,llc also does a lot of social media work, public service etc. that helps us get to know people close and from afar. This last year combined we did the home shows in Roseburg, Central Point, Eugene and Brookings which were all great shows and gave us a chance to see what other builders were doing and the new technology available. At these shows we were able to do workshops to educate the public on the different types of building and answer questions what was best for their lifestyle and budget.”

Any predictions for the future?
“We are looking at having a record year next year”

U S Homebuilders, LLC  is owned and operated by Anthony, Laurie and Andre’ Moore.

It sounds like great things are happening with this company and it is nice to see some confidence and optimism towards the future!

US Homebuilders, LLC. builds ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) and are the Linwood builder for the area. If anyone has any questions feel free to call them directly. They also upload project photo’s and information to their facebook page as well.

Anthony Moore (541)294-0487

Laurie Moore (541)670-8857.

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