Build a Custom Home

LOCATION, LOCATION…   Find the area that you want to build your life around. What really makes you want to go home, want to stay home.  Find that piece of property and figure out a way to make it work!


CONTACT US at US HOMEBUILDERS.  The earlier you can get your home builder involved the better off you will be. Why you ask? Because we will be able to put you in contact with who you need to contact and ask the correct questions.  We can help you decide on how you’re going to go about deciding on the type of house you want and the type of land you need to have that houseplan work.


FINANCING.  We have a great source for financing the building of your new home or if it is a cash build, we can help you with your budget and educate you with regards to all the costs that building your new home will entail so there will be no surprises. Did you know that in nearly every build of a custom home that no one can give you a complete bid until your home has a building permit which means it has went thru planning, building and engineering; plus possibly more.  Ballpark is ok, but a real budget needs to be based on facts.



PLANS OR DESIGNS.  We will help coordinate your land, your needs, your wants, and your budget into the home of your dreams. If it exists in an already drawn plan, then we are ready to go after engineering and permits and if it is not, we have designers, architects, and engineers to put it together and make it become a reality.


PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER.  We take care of things from start to finish. We will get your plans and engineering through the planning and building departments and be ready to build! Organization and communication right from the start is vitally important. Building a new house is not stressful if it is organized. Too often the details are just not taking care of, but not here at U S Homebuilders.  We will help you set your budget and stick to it, and pick out everything from start to finish. Your home will easily be the most beautiful and energy-efficient home in your neighborhood.


BUCKLE UP!!  We are ready to build. Let’s get this done!