Design Concepts

The Need for Accents

As kitchens have become more visible within the house and as cabinetry designs have simplified and design lines have become cleaner, the need for color and texture accents has become increasingly important.

Cabinets_Woodland Meadows“At one point everything had to match,” says Anthony Moore of U S Homebuilders. “You don’t see that as much anymore. In fact, that concept is really pretty dated. … This is apparent in cabinet door finishes, with the use of two different-colored painted finishes or a mix of painted and stained finish.”

An example is when wall cabinets are painted and all the others are stained. It’s also seen in the mixing of door styles, where the door design may change from the island to the perimeter cabinets or even where one uses frameless cabinets and the other front frame cabinets, he says.

Generally, upper and lower cabinets will be in the same style family and most manufacturers integrate the styles of their solid and decorative or glass cabinet doors.

Inserts are also common, including painted panels, laminate panels and glass doors with textured, opaque or clear glass. You see accent doors that have aluminum or stainless steel frames or banding, metal panels, inserts covered with reed, grass cloth or fabric embedded in a resin, even leather-covered inserts.

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Since we are a full service contractor. We have many specialties thanks to our artistic nature. Paints, textures, tile, design and finish work really separate us from the competition. When given the opportunity, we will save you money and give you a better product.

We are studied green builders with the latest education, knowledge, products, and technologies available to you. Our ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) houses and garages are the envy of every neighborhood. Personal service is always talked about, but to us, it is what we live by. Let us prove it to you. 




 We are a full service, one stop contractor for all of your construction needs. Whether your needs are residential or commercial, small or large, local or statewide, we are available to lend a helping hand.

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Mckenzie River and U S Homebuilders

The beautiful McKenzie River Valley is a 68 mile long corridor stretching between Sisters on the east and Springfield on the west. Renowned for fishing, the McKenzie River supports spring Chinook salmon, winter steelhead and summer steelhead as well as native rainbow, cutthroat and bull trout. The high lakes have been planted with brown and brook trout, making the McKenzie River Valley a sportsman’s paradise.

Summer is a great time to visit the lovely McKenzie River, when weather and recreational opportunities are at their peak. Located in the lush green forests east of Eugene, the McKenzie is one of the most beautiful waterways in the United States and is renowned for outdoor recreation, including hiking, biking, fishing and white-water boating. This scenic waterway is special for another reason: The river is fed by a huge network of cold-water springs located under lava flows in the high Cascade Range, which means that the McKenzie maintains a constant flow year-round, even in drought years.



Its a great day to learn about a “Healthy Home”

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Food for thought

“Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.” [Read more…]

What is ICF?

I C F stands for insulated concrete forms .  An ICF block is an expanded polystyrene  building block with a polypropylene web inside to be able to attach interior and exterior siding.

What does an Icf home look like when it is finished?  An ICF home looks like any conventional new home on the inside and on the outside.  The window sills are deeper since the walls are thicker. Very few people can tell the difference between an ICF constructed home and other types of construction.

What kind of siding can be used on ICF systems?  Virtually any exterior finish can be used within the ICF system.  In fact ,stucco is much more cost-effective to apply over and ICF wall because the foam is already in place.  For example :brick, stucco, Hardie siding, vinyl,  or wood would be great choices for the exterior of a home.  Interiors would be great with Drywall, plaster, tongue and groove paneling,and whatever else you can come up with!

What is the approximate R-value of an ICF wall?  A typical ICF wall with a 6 inch concrete core will have an approximate R-value of 50.  Both the inside and outside panels of 2 5/8 inch EPS foam have an R-value of 25. When combined with the thermal mass of the concrete the actual performance is much higher.


What kind of foundations can be used with ICF?  Any kind of foundation can be used with an ICF wall as long as the rebar extends out of the slab or footing to connect the ICF wall to the foundation. It can even be built on pilings.  When we build, it is part of the wall system which includes the footing, stem wall and wall along with the framing, sheating, insulation and house wrap.

Do ICF walls sweat?  No they do not sweat because EPS is a poor conductor of heat and cold.  Water vapor that may be present in the structure will not condense on the walls.  The EPS is open cell and repels liquid water but allows water vapor to pass through which allows the building to breath.

Can termites eat ICF?  No.  Termites do not eat the foam in ICF because it is inorganic.  Termites can however  eat through wood to get their favorite food, more wood.  This is a problem in traditional woodframe structures  but is not a problem with ICF homes as the structure is made of concrete.  Needless to say termites do not eat concrete.

Is ICF more expensive to build with that traditional stick framing?  Yes.  Costs vary depending on the specifics of each project but usually the project total will be 2 to 7% higher overall than with a similar traditionally framed wood house. Icf homes are so energy-efficient that the cost difference is typically recouped in energy savings.


What are the main benefits of building and ICF home?  ICF homes are stronger, safer, quieter, and more energy efficient than woodframe or concrete block.  ICF walls are built with steel reinforced concrete and fire retardant expanded polystyrene foam.  When compared to wood framed walls, ICF walls are far more resistant to the spread of fire and are far more likely to remain standing after.

How long does it take to build at ICF home?  And ICF home can usually be built in the same amount of time as any other type of home.

How do you protect the exposed foam between the grade and the siding?  A cement-based product is applied with a trowel over fiberglass mesh which is attached to the ICF wall to give it protection from stones water and other hazards.

Getting ready to start moving dirt for a custom home on Rose Terrace in Roseburg, Oregon

concrete f skinner 2
concrete f skinner 3We have moved dirt to start the foundation. What a beautiful lot!20140212_143206

Interview with U S Homebuilders

Interview with Laurie Moore, co-owner of US Homebuilders, LLC.
A few days ago I posted how the west coast is leading the charge in the housing recovery. To highlight how that has affected us here locally, I gave a local housing builder a call to see what changes they have seen in their business. I was pleasantly suprised to hear how well they are doing, optimistic predictions for the future and I also learned about the trend toward “green” construction. US Homebuilders are truly a local business, concentrated on the South Coast of Oregon, Roseburg and Southern Oregon at the moment but have plans of expanding east and north.

us-homebuildersHow long have you been building homes?

“Anthony and myself have been in the housing industry approximately 32 years each. Our son Andre’ is working with us now

How has this year differed from you projections?

“This year has exceeded all expectations. We are doing ICF and stick built on 4 different locations at the moment.”

You mentioned ICF, what is that and how does that differ from traditional framing?
“ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) differs from traditional framing in many ways. For those not familiar with what ICF is lets first explore that. ICF is made of Polystyrene with a gap in between and braces where the studs would be, 6 inches apart, which is filled with concrete and that makes the walls. Ceilings are now also available like this. Comparing – the foundations and windows are comparable but the ICF goes up faster and is less labor intensive. The R Value is higher, about R-50 verses best-case scenario R-23 so the energy efficiency is greater and savings down the road are a great deal more. In reality stick built homes lose R Value with studs being 16 inches apart and the wood losing heat or cool also. The ICF can with stand 200 mile per hour winds and in most cases insurance is lower because the burn factor is less. We recommend hydronic floors that can be powered by solar or geo that helps keep temperatures even. We do very GREEN stick built homes also and have recommendations to make them as energy efficient as possible.”

What do you feel is behind the change?
“The people we are building for the answer are about the same for all of them. They mentally feel our economy is going to be ok and are loosening up with there money. Loans have eased a little and rates are good. The foreclosures are towards the end of the flooded market and the housing industry is showing a promising turn. For example, we had 3 different people last year that were ready to build and could not get a construction loan and I believe there is relief there also. U S Homebuilders,llc also does a lot of social media work, public service etc. that helps us get to know people close and from afar. This last year combined we did the home shows in Roseburg, Central Point, Eugene and Brookings which were all great shows and gave us a chance to see what other builders were doing and the new technology available. At these shows we were able to do workshops to educate the public on the different types of building and answer questions what was best for their lifestyle and budget.”

Any predictions for the future?
“We are looking at having a record year next year”


U S Homebuilders, LLC  is owned and operated by Anthony, Laurie and Andre’ Moore.

It sounds like great things are happening with this company and it is nice to see some confidence and optimism towards the future!

US Homebuilders, LLC. builds ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) and are the Linwood builder for the area. If anyone has any questions feel free to call them directly. They also upload project photo’s and information to their facebook page as well.

Anthony Moore (541)294-0487

Laurie Moore (541)670-8857.

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Since we are a family business as well as a full service contractor, we have many specialties thanks to our artistic nature. Paints, textures, tile, design and finish work really separate us from the competition. When given the opportunity, we will save you money and give you a better product.

We are studied green builders with the latest education, knowledge, products, and technologies available to you. Our ICF (Insulated Concrete Form ) houses and garages are the envy of every neighborhood. Personal service is always talked about, but to us, it is what we live by. Let us prove it to you. Bring us your house plans and we will beat your best contractual price or send you to Las Vegas on us. That’s how sure we are that you will love what we do.